Saturday, December 6, 2008

Natural Family Planning In General

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

Natural planning is the natural way of planning our family, check the rate of pregnancy, plan for the arrival of a new baby, sometimes it even have the power to pre-determine the sex of the baby. It is different from the artificial or medicaly induced method of family planning, you do not need to use such things as drugs, coil, condom and things like that. It is based purely on observations of certain phenominon in the woman's body.

There are four types of natural family methods, all the four of them will be focused on this blog.
The first type is called

THE SAFE PERIOD OR RHYTHM METHOD This is the method whereby calendar dates are watched and studied to calculate the days a woman is free to have intercourse without any fear of getting pregnant. It works for some people, but this method is not reliable in the case of a woman with irregular menses, or those that are breastfeeders, and thos who are in their pre-menopause stage. Do not try to use safe period method with some of the other natural methods I will teach you in here, it is advisable for you to study all the methods and stick to one and only one method. Although this method is effective, it is not suitable for everybody as explained above. I will tell you the method I most recommend based on experience and observation at a much later time.

THE TEMPERATURE METHOD This method demands that the woman take the early morning temperature 3 or 4 times in the rectum before rising from bed. It is lower in the first half of the cycle than in the second half. The temperature rises from 0.2 to 0.4degree F immediately after ovulation. When the temperature is raised on three consecutive morning, the fourth day is safe. If the rise in temperature is very gradual, wait until the fifth day
If you have cattarh or flu, or even malaria, please do not consider the rise in temperature to be due to ovulation.
  • Direction for taking the temperature:
  • Use ordinary termometer
  • Shake the mercury well before use
  • Take the temperature while still on bed before getting down in the morning
  • Take the rectal temperature and not oral temperature
  • Allow the termometer to be in the place for at least 4 minutes
  • Mark the temperature on the chart immediately
  • Start a new chart on the first day of each menstral period
  • wash the termometer in cold water and not hot or warm water.
  • Note anything that might affect your temperature e.g. fever, headache, quarrel, etc

This method is good and effective but it is not suitable for all, even when you are sick, or upset or angry, the method may become unreliable.

THE SYMPYOTHERMAL METHOD which combines all the natural methods. It is a very effective method too but not suitable for all. Some have however noticed about 99% success in this method, but I will advise that you go for a method that is much more reliable which is the next method I am about to introduce.

BILLINGS OVULATION METHOD This methods teaches people to have a perfect understanding of the mucus sign that comes from the female genital organ. I will devote a great lenght of time and space to teach this method through this platform.

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