Monday, December 1, 2008

So, What is Natural family Planning all about?

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

• Learn how to control your pregnancy
naturally without using drugs or medical
• Avoid the risk and dangers of side effects of
other family planning methods
• Get pregnant when you want to and never
again by accident
• Increase your chances of getting pregnant
through this wonderful method especially if
you have had long delay in childbearing or
you’ve never even had one
• Use this method to predetermine the sex of
your baby even before they are conceived
• Learn the value of sex in marriage and the
beauty of occasional abstinence
• Use this method to enhance long life for
yourself and spouse
• Save thousands of hard earned Naira that
is constantly spent on other less effective
family planning programs
• Learn to love your spouse more as you
study this manual together with

Let me warn that the cooperation of both partners is very essential, and lack
of proper understanding of this method is the only reason for the failure of
this method. You need to really understand this method, follow it religiously
and you will be placed on the driver seat of pregnancy control in your life
and family. However, God is sovereign; He can do what He wants to do with
anybody at any point in time.

This Natural Family Planning method I am trying to promote is called
Billings Ovulation Method. This method was discovered by one man called
Dr. John Billings. John Billings, described as a "staunch Catholic",
developed the method as a form of natural family planning in accordance
with his religious faith. He was recognized with a Papal knighthood in life,
and condolences for his death were given by the Pope. Billings strove to
raise awareness of the significance of cervical mucus to fertility to all
people, regardless of their religion.

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