Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Power of Natural Family Planning

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

When I first started cooperating with my wife on the issue of natural family planning through the Billings Ovulation Method, I didnt believe it has such power and great possibilities for couples. This method is 100% better than any medically induced family planning. Infact result shows from couples that uses this method in India that the failure rate is lower with those that uses this method than those who are using some other methods including medical aids. The most trusted medical aids have fallen short of result, but Billings Ovulation method have succeeded most when people have a full understanding of it and are following its teaching religiously.

To succeed with these method you have to study and understand some terminologies with your spouse and a working relationship of mutual love and respect will bring to you a great success. Without coperation, mutual respect, love and understanding it is almost impossible to succeed in natural family planning. To use this Billings method, you need to work together with your spouse and you should understand that your wife is the principal actress in having a successful natural family planning based on Billings ovulation method.

At a certain point in time every woman is said to be fertile. Fertility is very important in conceiving a new baby. A woman has the responsibilty of observing herself everyday when she is walking or even working, sometimes she may need to observe her private part with her own hand, if you know what I mean. Observations at every point in time is very essentials, proper records of these observation must be kept, its a little hard to begin with, but with the passing of time you will get used to it and love it.

When the woman begins to notice that her fertile days are around, the husband have the responsibility of supporting his wife by abstaining from sex or use condom if he must do it but to abstain is better because conception do take place mistakenly while using condom. You do not need condom, you need abstinence. If you need to be pregnant, the best time is to have sexual intercourse during your fertile days and you will surely get pregnant.

It is far more technical than what I am expressing, you need to get a good and detailed knowledge of these things. I have an e-book titled "The Wonders Of Natural Family Planning", getting a copy of this e-book will do you a lot of good.

Let me teach you the WONDERS of Natural family planning

Ÿ Be in control of when you take in
Ÿ Determine the sex of your yet to be born baby
Ÿ Achieve getting pregnant using this natural method of fertility

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