Monday, December 1, 2008

Understanding The Wonders Of Natural Family Planning

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

After my wedding on November 20, 1993, I stumble on a book by one John Billings. I didn't take note of it initially, but one day, we were having a free holiday and my wife and I travel to visit with some friends. We had one of the best times during that jorney, however there were lots of free time to idle and play away. I noticed that my wife had brought this book by John Billings, so I decided to read the book myself.

I had not read 3 chapters before I knew that I was carrying in my hands a book that was capable of turning our entire family life around for the better in terms of planning our family and controlling our births and the sex of our unborn babies. With this we were able to work together with love to plan our future and the number of children we actually wanted and the number of each sex we would like and when we would be expecting them to arrive.

We figured it out that we should rush it so that my wife can sort of be free in her middle age to aged years, with this we were able to retire from child bearing when i was 38 and my wife 35. We actually needed this retirement because my wife had given birth to five babies, three boys and two girls - just as we had planned it since we discovered the wonders of Natural family planning.

Our plan was like this, first born a male, the second a female, the third a male, the fourth a female, and the fifth or last but not the least a male. With God's help and through our knowledge of natural family planning we were able to do it. Right now, we have stopped childbearing without using any form of drugs or medical aids to stop or control our pregnancy intake thanks to Dr. John Billings.

If you want to learn how to use the method to plan your family, my wife and I will be so glad to share with you some of the things we learnt about natural family planning, you may signify your interest by responding to this post or by contacting me directly through my email address.

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