Friday, May 1, 2009

3 Super Secrets to Get Pregnant - Now Revealed

A healthy baby is not only the result of sperm meeting an egg. There are three things that must be there to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

Avoid Old Sperm and Egg

Researches have revealed that to conceive a viable and healthy fetus the couple needs freshly released sperm and eggs. This means that couple should avoid having intercourse a few days before ovulation. The sperm have a tendency to live for 3 days but an old sperm may be potentially defective and may have degraded. Similarly the couple should avoid sex soon after ovulation. The reason is that egg has a tendency to live for 24 hours; again the old egg may potentially be defective.

The best thing is to have recurrent intercourse when it is peak fertile days and stop when it is over. In this case the fresh sperm have more chance to meet fresh egg. The perfect condition is that fresh sperm should line the fallopian tube and ready to fertilize the egg as soon as it is released. This indicates that if a woman ovulates on 14th day of her cycle, then she should have intercourse on the13th & 14th day and then avoid from sex on 15th day. This precaution will ensure that healthy sperms are in fallopian tube geared to fertilize the egg.

The couple should also refrain from having intercourse 3 to 5 days before 12th day. This will build up the sperm count. It is better to have intercourse daily or on alternate days till the ovulation is complete. Once ovulation is done, avoid intercourse for few days. This lowers down the risk of a potentially defective and aging egg being fertilized; if this takes place it may result in miscarriage.

Try to Build Up the Sperm Count

There are ways that can be used by men to build up the sperm count. This building up of sperm count ensures that men are in a position of ejaculating plenty of healthy sperm at the right time. The avoidance of intercourse 3 to 5 days before the the day of ovulation is one-way to increase the sperm count. Tantric Sex or some yoga practice also help in building up the sperm count. Researches have revealed that few sessions of foreplay without ejaculation also builds up the sperm level. This process can be repeated several times to increase the quantity and quality of sperms.

Do not Strive to Conceive if you ovulate late

This is an important secret. If this secret is not applied it can result in miscarriage. Better understanding of this secret will help women to identify that which cycles would lead to miscarriage and which would lead a viable fetus. Ovulation can be detected with the help of temperature graph.

The ideal ovulation time is the 14th day of woman's cycle or before that. In these days there are 90 % chances of conceiving a viable fetus. If a woman ovulates on day 15 the chances are reduced to 43 %. This secret is not known by most of women. Late ovulation consistently for several months decreases the chance of getting pregnant. The women ovulate less and endometrial lining is unfavorable for implantation. if a woman ovulates late, it also leads to miscarriage. The older eggs have more chances of being defective.

I'm quite sure that by following three easy and simple secrets the women can increase the chances of getting pregnant. To know the secrets of conceiving a baby boy or girl do not hesitate to check Pregnancy Guidelines

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