Monday, August 24, 2009

Free Access to the Internet Marketing Elite Club ($497.00 value)

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By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

Great news - I have a valuable gift for you today, for been a regular reader of this weblog:

I've arranged *special permission* for my subscribers to get
free VIP access to Martin Franzen's new password protected
Internet Marketing Elite site - letting you bypass the
official $497.00 order link. (A very good deal.)

Go to:

What do you get in this package?

To sum it up, the site reveals some of the fastest and easiest
ways to set up your own automated, profitable business online
while working with something you love. It's a great resource
and I recommend it highly.

Take a look at this:

Martin Franzen is a marketing expert who has been doing
business online for the last 9 years. His regular consulting
fee is $1,000 an hour - but today he's agreed to give my
subscribers free access to some of his most powerful ideas.

You'll get some of the best techniques from Martin's big
$1,497 home study course, "The Internet Marketing Master
Plan: How To Turn Your Passion Or Hobby Into A Profitable
Automated Business On The Internet".

The VIP membership is officially priced at $497.00 so it's
a generous offer. He's only doing this as a limited campaign
while working on a new version of the home study course.

In other words, it's a good idea to reserve your complimentary
account while it's available. Here's the special link:

Here's what you can expect:

Inside the password protected site, you'll discover complete
business models and little-known marketing strategies that
you can implement right away. Advanced ideas, made simple.

The focus is on big picture stuff - generating passive
streams of income so you get the freedom to take a step back
and enjoy life, instead of being a slave to your business.

Are you fed up with wasting your time and money on
techniques that don't work? Tired of having a thousand
things to do and getting lost in the process?

Then you really need to see this, because Martin's info can
help you get rid of those problems, for good. The offer is
perfect for anyone interested in doing business online.

Are you interested in running your own automated Internet
business, and making it as profitable as possible?

Then I *highly* recommend reserving your complimentary VIP
account right away. It can really open your eyes...

Just go to this special "back door" page to bypass the regular
$497.00 order link and get free access to the site:


P.S. When a $1,000 an hour marketing consultant offers to share his strategies with you for free, it's smart to take advantage of it. Remember, you can completely bypass the official $497.00 order link and get free access through the special page above. Don't miss this!

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