Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Free Internet Marketing Course For Beginners

In this article, you will get a free internet marketing course for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers. Starting your own home based business is no easy task once you have made the decision to get things going. There are so many different factors that come into play, such as the type of methods that you decide to engage in, will decide the fate of your online business. These methods that I am going to discuss are listed here:
1. Target audience
2. Market research
3. Seeking help from other online entrepreneurs
4. Promotion
5. Search engine optimization
6. Back links
7. Start your own affiliate program for others to join
I will discuss each of these topics in this article so that you can get a clear understanding of how to run an online business.
Target audience. If you decide to pick a niche in basketball, your main target audience will be towards teenagers and young adults. You will not have much success if you try to sell basketball products to the elderly or young children. If you set a website that mainly deals with work at home program and you decide to purchase internet traffic from an SEO company, make sure that have a selection that mainly deals with internet business. Buying traffic that mainly refers to the general public will not get you any results, in the end, you will be throwing away money.
Market Research. Pick a product that is in high demand. You can find out what people are interested in by using social media, creating a forum where you can engage with people and finding out what sparks their interest. You will be wasting your time and energy if you are working on a niche that is not in high demand.
Seeking help from other online entrepreneurs. This is a very critical step if you are new to affiliate marketing. Seeking advice from other professionals is like them giving you a business map that points out where you must go to get from point A to Point B. Don't be stubborn or do not develop that mindset that you can do things by yourself, you will only get lost.
Promotion. The one way that you can get your website for the rest of the world to see and read is to promote your website. You can do this by creating ads and posting them to online classified want ad sites, write articles that provide valuable information about your product, spread the word using social media, and using video marketing.
Search engine optimization. This one critical component that you need to be aware if you want your website to rank high in the search engines. Recently, Google released its 3rd update to the Penguin algorithm. What it does is that it seeks out websites that have duplicate content and spammy back links. There are 2 things that can happen to your website, it will drop in rankings or get completely removed from the search engine. Put in the time and effort to make sure that the content on your website or article is original.
Back links. These types of links are created when someone who has read your article or has thoroughly enjoyed your website, will take your URL and post it on their website. This is a great way for you to obtain free internet traffic without paying a single dime.
Start your own affiliate program for others to join. Sometimes, doing all the promotion by yourself can be very tedious and time-consuming. If you want to see results faster, then set up your own affiliate program for your product. Create marketing tools for your new associates to use on their own websites or blogs.
From this free internet marketing course for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers, you were taught the very basics on how to succeed with your new online venture. If you have any additional tips that will help the reader, please, feel free to share them in the comments section below.
One of your greatest asset for your affiliate marketing career is to write articles for your website or blog. I have setup this gig where I will write articles for you!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Generate Passive Income

The spending and saving habits of every person keeps developing over time and it is because of this that these habits are very hard to change. Economists often use the phrase "propensity to consume" to describe this situation, which suggest that additional portion of a dollar earned that will be consumed by us. For instance, if you earn 100 dollars, it is recommended that you spend 90% of your earnings, meaning you get to save $10 and use the remaining $90. However, this is never the case because our spending patterns are often controlled by the psyche and we may over spend at some point in time.
Because we can't change our spending habits to fit the recommended figure, a little passive income can help us generate extra cash that will help us support our established spending habits without putting strain on regular income. The following is a complied list of top five ways on how to generate passive income.

1. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing simply means that you sign up with an entrepreneur or a company and sell their product or services. For example, if you have a tech website, you can become an affiliate of either anti-virus software company or web hosting company. This will enable you earn hundreds even thousands dollars every month depending on amount of website traffic you receive each month. To become a successful affiliate marketer it requires dedication and time to build traffic to your website, social media and email marketing.

2. Network Marketing
It is also called multilevel marketing and is one of the most popular forms of passive earning. Once you join the network marketing company you become part of their team. The aim is to become a leader of your area so that you can earn more money. The main disadvantage to this network is that if you join a team with poor leadership you will hate network marketing but with a good leader you could be earning more than $4000 every month. Make sure that you completely understand the fine print before signing up in any network.

3. Investments
Bonds, stocks and annuities are another great ways to earn extra cash. If you are not financially savvy, hire a financial adviser who will help you choose the right investment that suits you. If necessary take up finance classes to understand all about investments. Investment can be a long term passive income if it is well selected; therefore, do your homework carefully.

4. Flea Markets
Do you have stuff that you no longer use in your attic or basement? If you do, pack those things in a back of your car and head to the flea market. You can make a couple of hundred dollars from selling those stuffs depending on what you are selling.

5. Royalties
You can earn royalties from writing songs, books or even developing products. For example, when song writers die their heirs have right to auction percentage of their songs during estate sale. You can bid on a song and if you are accepted, you will own a piece of it and receive a royalty pay check each month from the song.

Passive income is a good way to achieve road to financial freedom. You can secure a financial future for you and your family through this hassle free investment.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Breaking Out of the Box - Making Money Using the Internet

Making money on the Internet takes research, time, and investment, and then you have to implement the knowledge you acquire to start getting results. It's not likely to get it right the first time around, as the Internet business model is a bit different from the conventional models we've become so accustomed to over the past generations. The Internet has not only changed the way we do business, it has also changed the way we think about business and they way we think about the needs of customers, and people who are stuck in the old models struggle to see how things have evolved.

Internet marketers agree that the best way to reach a wide and targeted audience is through placing solo ads in high traffic newsletters or websites. The ads are viewed by the subscribers or visitors to the website. Certainly, this type of exposure might represent millions of views over time. However, obtaining solo ads is the frustrating part of the whole deal for many new Internet marketers. Here is how to buy solo ads.
Solo Ads

Wondering how to buy them? First, take a look at one of your favorite newsletters. Browse around and look at the ads. Look at the top ad in the newsletter. This is the ad that usually has the most influence over a reader. This is probably a solo ad. This ad is targeted to the subscribers on the newsletter list. The ad generally offers the type of goods and services that the subscribers might find appealing and purchase. The owner of the ad purchases space in the newsletter from the publisher or marketer of the publication.

How to Buy
Many new marketers online are concerned about purchasing the ads. Typically, e-zine or newsletter owners offer Internet marketers the opportunity to purchase a solo ad in their publication. However, it is important to use due diligence placing ads in publications. It is vital to make sure that the right publication is targeted. Check the publications statistics and subscription numbers. Deal exclusively with sources that deliver real targeted readers.

Many marketers state that ads deliver guaranteed results to their marketing campaign for the fraction of the cost paid advertising on television or radio. Here is how to buy them. Write an ad that specifically targets your audience. Next, find a targeted newsletter. For example, if you are writing about gourmet cooking, look for gourmet cooking newsletters. Contact the publisher about running your solo ad for an agreed upon fixed price or ad exchange.
Wade Byrd has a passion for helping people in home based businesses who want to get better results by understanding how to buy solo ads. For more information on Wade and how he can help you make more money, visit his web site at
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Start a Second Income™ with the company that's first with Internet entrepreneurs!

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5 Tips For Making Money Online In Affiliate Marketing

English: This is the showroom of Reflex Sales ...
. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you've read about the various benefits of affiliate marketing, it's easy to imagine becoming filthy rich overnight. While it is a great way to bring in some extra revenue, it's also a fiercely competitive method. To make money online in affiliate marketing, there are five things that you should keep in mind.

Don't Get Overly Ambitious
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting started is signing up for too many affiliate programs at once and trying to market them all. If you start out this way, you can be very easily overwhelmed and your ability to promote any of the products well will suffer. At first, just choose a few quality products by understanding the needs of the market and finding what fits in with your site's niche.

Take Advantage of Various Sources of Traffic
It's very common for affiliate marketers to display ads solely on their websites. Although there isn't anything wrong with this in and of itself, you should be aware that there are all kinds of alternate sources of traffic that you can take advantage of to promote your products. After all, the more traffic you direct to the sales page, the more likely you will be to make sales. For example, you can use Google AdWords to direct traffic to your products' sales page. All you have to do is create an ad with your sales page URL as the link. It's important to remember that this method will require you to keep a constant eye on your conversion rate in order to make sure that you're bringing in more money than you're spending on the campaign.

Test, Track and Measure
Many online marketing experts recommend that you use multiple avenues of product promotion in order to determine what works and what falls flat. Split testing and measuring how well each campaign performs allows you to decide on the more appropriate course of action. Just tweaking a few things can have a dramatic impact on how much you make. Be sure to experiment with the placement of ads on your site since they'll be more noticeable in some areas. In most cases, your affiliate programs will provide you with statistical data, but there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of your own software for tracking conversions.

Research Product Demand
No matter how hard you try, if the product that you're promoting isn't in demand, you're not likely to get many sales. It's recommended that you take the time to do some basic research to see if a particular product is something that your audience would be interested in. If you receive a considerable amount of traffic, you may want to try conducting a poll or survey to find out directly from you customer base.

Find a Good Merchant
Every time you promote something through affiliate marketing, you're also vouching for the business or the person who sells the product so don't take your selections lightly. If your audience purchases a product that you've recommended to them and they're not happy with it, it can seriously hurt your reputation. They're probably not going to take any more of your advice and may even recommend that others stay away from your site as well. If you go with products that are sold by reputable companies with a record of quality, you'll benefit from improved customer satisfaction.

Earning money online as an affiliate is very competitive and can be costly if you don't have the right affiliate marketing tools. These tools must be able to brand you as authentic and knowledgeable in the affiliate marketing industry. Although, it takes tons of time to become successful and earn money online as an affiliate, this time can be minimized for you with the right affiliate marketing system. Visit and find out for FREE how you can be in profit with 60 days.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

List Building: A Profitable Venture

When you publish quality articles that caters to the need of people on your blog, people will begin to trust you, it is then and only then that you can begin to use it to market your affiliate products. This is because people will begin to subscribe to your newsletter as they discover the ingenuity of your information. You must have put a form on your site that takes the name and email addresses of interested readers of your blog. Setting up a form to lead people to subscribe to your newsletter will help you to build a list that you can monetize at any time.

Marketing affiliate products becomes easy and profitable when you have an email list of subscribers. This is a list of people who have subscribed to receive your newsletters, they subscribed either on your website or through a squeeze page which you promoted. How do you get subscribers through your website or blog? This is very simple, You will need to locate and register with a good auto-responder company, there are so many out there, but as a beginner, I can recommend list-wire because they will give you free auto-responder facility to use to grow your business. When you register with list-wire, you should then enter into your account and create a web form and place it on your website. Whenever anyone fills the form on your blog, that information will go to your auto-responder in list-wire. You will be able to see the list of real people who have subscribed to your newsletter in your list-wire account. This is your list, they are your fans, they are the ones who trusted you enough to leave their email addresses with you. You can also get subscribers through creating a squeeze page and put an auto-responder form on the page, you have to motivate them to give you their email addresses by offering them a free e book or service.
Creating a list should be an on-going procedure if you want to continue to rake in money in affiliate marketing. This list is your gold mine, you can broadcast or announce any product to your list at any time, and because they have come to know you, even to trust you, expecting a certain percentage of them to buy from you is only fair. As you keep the list, make sure you don't announce things for sale all the time, try to also announce freebies, and build more trust and confidence by giving them quality product.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creating A Platform For Your Affiliate Business

The next thing for you to do is to create a platform from where you will operate your affiliate business. It is like setting up an office in real life where people can find you to transact business. This platform is your personal website, it is like your office as I wrote earlier, you want to make it presentable and let it give a true representation of you and your business. The best place to start is a blog, and there are so many ways to start one. If you are starting out with little or no money (I understand because I've been there), you can try to start with blogger, this is a big blogging platform controlled by google and they give you access to own your own blog, controlled entirely by you and they give you the freedom to use it to make money through the adsense program. If you decide for a website blog controlled by blogger, your website name will look like Another good platform to start with is called the hubpages, they also allow you to start your blog, give you the access and the freedom to showcase your talent and your products and the freedom to make money with adsense, amazon and ebay. Hunpages will give you a domain name that looks like, it is your own unique url, it is your website, if you become popular in hubpages, your income will increase with time.

You can start out bigger and more professionally if you can afford to spend some money. In fact, the best thing to do is to start with your own domain name, something like http;//, you can also use other extensions like .net, .org, and so on. Since you will be promoting products as an affiliate, it is good to start a blog with wordpress platform because it is easy to update and very friendly to search engine. Let me show you what to budget for this virtual office, you will need a domain name which will cost you about $15 a year, a web hosting account which will cost you about $7 per month. You can buy your domain name from any of the domain registrars on the net, the same goes for your web hosting space.

The reason why you need a blogging platform is that through it you can write articles, reports, reviews of your products to enlighten people about what you are selling. The more you write about your products, the more authoritative you become online. As you make research about each product and honestly write educative articles on them, you will become one of the experts in that niche and people will be able to buy the products you give credence to because they have come to trust you. One mistake many people make is that they start off their blogs with blatant advertisement and many readers may never come back when they perceive that your site is only interested in making money through advertisement. Start off your blogs with interesting articles, let your blog post speak about your personal experience, make it real, something that people can relate with. Don't worry if you are not given to writing, you can still create blogs on your chosen niche, you do this through sourcing free articles from the articles directories but the condition is that you must include the author's resource box in the post. if you do not want author's resource box included on your website then you have to hire people to write articles for you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Important Steps To Success In Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in running an affiliate marketing business online, these are the tips that will help you to start strong. It will also be very helpful for those who had been doing the business for a while. The first thing to do is to find a niche, do a research into that and narrow your search down to a sub-niche, please choose a niche in the area you have natural interest. You can also decide to be an affiliate to physical products like printers, computers, tablets and so on, it is easy to get these products online, promote them online and get buyers online. Again, you need to choose a product that interests you, that you are comfortable with when you are talking or writing about it. This is important if you want to do this business for a long time to come and indeed affiliate business is a long term project that sucks in money to your account as time goes on.

After deciding on the niche or products you want to market, then you need to decide on the platform to use to source your products. There are so many platforms on the web that have large supplies of products in different categories in their market place. We have the clickbank which seem to me to be the biggest in terms of digital products sales, but there are so many others you can find them by searching for the words "affiliate marketing products" in google or any of the many search engines we have on the net. Digital products are those you can download immediately on your computer or mobile device. We also have amazon, ebay and so on who deals on physical products like tablets, phones, computers and any product you can think of under the sun. As you know that an affiliate marketer is someone who promotes a product in other to sell it to make a certain percentage as commission. It is your business, you are selling the products because you will be rewarded for every sale you make in the process.

Success begins for you as an affiliate marketer when you see the products as your own and think of every good and legitimate way to promote it and get buyers to purchase, knowing that the more you sell, the more you will be credited with real money. This is the biggest challenge in affiliate business and if you are up to face it, you will soon begin to smile to your bank in no time. What do you do to get to know people online or to get people to know you? This is the real deal, when you are known and trusted, then people can buy from you without much fear. There are a lot of scam on the internet so this makes it hard for people to easily trust marketers. To build trust, this is what to do, join different forums, be active on facebook, linkedin, twitter, and other social networking sites. This is important because when people see you in these platforms, they will be able to relate to you as a real touchable human being and the fear of scam will be reduced when you do business with them.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How To Create Your Own Info Product Online

Creating an online info product can be a very simple process, but some people think that it has to be a very complicated thing. To be honest with you, it is possible to create a valuable info product in about 15-30 minutes.
Once you know the steps to creating an info product and you actually apply it, you will see how easy it really is.
The first step to creating your own info product is to figure out what problem you're going to solve. People buy products to solve problems, and they will spend lots of money on something if it will solve their problem effectively.
So, if you want to create a product of high-value, you need to make sure it solves a problem. Once you find a problem to solve that is in demand, you need to decide how you're going to deliver the product.
Are you going to create an eBook? Are you doing to create a series of videos? Are you going to create an audio course? This decision is up to you, but you need to take into consideration, which form of information will help them the most.
For example, if you're going to create a product that shows people how to drive a truck, you would have to create a video course that shows them exactly what it looks like to drive a truck correctly. You could also create an eBook with lots of visual.
An audio course would probably be the worst way to deliver information on how to drive a truck, because telling someone how to drive a truck is nowhere near as powerful as showing someone how to drive a truck visually.
Next, you need to outline the product. You need to organize the information in a way that your readers will understand it. This requires you to sit down and figure out the best way to deliver the information so that it doesn't cause confusion, or disrupt the learning process for the viewer.

Lastly, you need to design the sales page and create the product. It is best to create the sales page first, so that you know what you are promising, and then while you're creating the product you can make sure that you deliver on that promise.
use this secret. Your sales page needs to state the benefits of the product and you need to convince the viewer that they need the product now. Don't make unbelievable promises unless you can fulfill those promises. After you finish the sales page you need to create the product.
Creating the product just requires you to go back to your outline and use it to guide you to the completion of your product. Creating a product is not difficult unless you sit around thinking about it.
Just go and do it and you will be happy once it is completed and ready to be sold.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The First Essential In Affiliate Business only thing that will easily and quickly help you to earn more money in affiliate business is knowing how to do it right from the very beginning. When you understand that the simple responsibility of an affiliate business man is to pick up another person's product and get excited about it and take this product to the market place to sell it with all enthusiasm in other to be handsomely rewarded for every sale that he makes, then inspired ideas will begin to flow into your mind to do it uniquely and professionally.

The online affiliate business promises to generate for you as much money as any other business on planet earth can generate. When an affiliate marketer settles the question of niche and goes to the basics of narrowing down his market search to sub-niche, he has taken a very bold step towards success. A successful affiliate marketer will start with the niche that he is really interested in after he has made his research and found out that there are many products he can market. The next step is to decide the market place he will use to source his products, I like clickbank for digital product and amazon or eBay for physical product.

In this write up, I will concentrate on digital products, these are products that can be bought online and downloaded online, some examples are, eBooks, training CD, downloadable materials and so on. You need to visit the website where you will pick up these products and study the site to learn how to get hoplink which is a coded form of the website that you want to promote. The hop-links contains information that tracks any sale make through it to your account so that you can get rewarded each time a sale is made through you.

One good thing about these hop-links is that it is now your own website. You make money when you promote them, the challenge in affiliate marketing is to get your hop-links to as many people as you can. Many people build their own website as a platform to promote their hop-links, this is good but you do not necessarily need to have your own website before you make money in affiliate business. There are so many people who have built their own websites in other to promote their hop-links or affiliate websites and yet have not made money online while there are many people who are making real killings in profit even though they do not have their own websites.

When it come to affiliate business, success is not depended on building beautiful websites, though it is a good thing to do.Success really depend on getting many people to visit your affiliate page. This implies that whether you have website or not, the major job is advertisement. There are many ways to do that, some are free and some costs money. Let's not deceive ourselves the paid advertisement done well is always better and quicker to rake in visitors to your website. Most of the free methods of driving traffic that some people talk about takes time to produce result. Affiliate business is real business and should be taken seriously, to succeed in it you have to understand that investing money in advertisement is worth every dollar spent. The truth about affiliate business is that those who invest money in meaningful advertisement get the most money and I talk from experience.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Starting Off in Affiliate Business

English: A selection of shoes at Jackets for J...
Affiliate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Affiliate business is a platform that gives you the opportunity to start your own personal business with little or no capital. As an affiliate, all you do is to take a product or service which someone else had spent his or her own time and money to develop and promote such as your own in other to get some percentage of the profit each time someone buys the product or service through your effort.

What we do as affiliate is to create our own legitimate business, then tap into the potential of other people's product, promote those products as if they are our own products then get certain percentage of the profit. The manufacturers or producers of the products or services actually need affiliates because they can not market their products alone. They need other people (affiliates) to help them sell these products so they can earn more money from their efforts. Most of the producers of valuable services knows that the more affiliates they can recruit to market their products, the better the business for them.

Producers are ever ready to reward any affiliate business man handsomely, hence some can give as high as seventy five percent of the sales price to the affiliate if it is a digital or downloadable product, and up to thirty percent of the profit if it is a physical product. Anyone who understands the full meaning of affiliate business will know that an affiliate marketer can earn as much as a million dollars and more in commission in the course of any given year. I have read of affiliate marketers who target profit of a million dollars a month.

If affiliate marketing business is this lucrative, why are many people not making money from it? This is a pathetic because many people who are involved in affiliate business do not fully understand the business. There are seven things that you need to fully understand and constantly do to make any money and continue to increase your income in affiliate marketing business. The first thing is to make a decision that it is the business you want to do, Meaning that you are ready to stick with it, you are not going to quit in the next few months or even in the next few years. When this is your decision, you will be surprised how ideas will be flowing to you. This decision will burn the bridge behind you, knowing that you cannot retreat, you will begi to see great ways opening up to you.

The next thing to understand and realize is that the market is too wide, you alone cannot serve the whole market, you need to decide which segment of the market you are ready to serve. You need to answer the the question about the niche you will love serve. I say serve because affiliate marketing is a service, a money spinning service if you know the secret. The best niche for you is that one that stimulate your own personal interest, this is because a successful affiliate marketer must be an authority in any niche he ventures into. It will not seem like a chore when it is a niche you are interested in, after you decide on the niche say you are a sports fan, the you need to further pin your marketing effort into sub-niche for example basketball.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Exposed! The Best Kept Secret of Top Internet Earners by Jass Morris

People often misconceive what running an online business entails. It is not about doing things by the book; building websites and running products or offers, or doing your own advertising, sales and support. Running the online business is about overseeing the operation, and relying on the experience of highly skilled and specialized people that will get things done for you, and make money for YOU.
REVEALED - A digitally franchised tried and tested moneymaking model that has long been a goldmine for top earners to make big bucks is now available in a newly released version 2 - for newbies looking to start their own online business. It has the same access to all the powerful tools the gurus use - and the best part is, it works on autopilot!
Marketing can be a tricky and complicated jungle for people embarking on this journey. With this system, for the FIRST time ever, the gap between learning and earning has been bridged!
The best thing about this system is the choice:
You can either go through a learning curve while the system makes YOU money, or allow the system's available resources to make you money automatically, without any need to learn.
You literally don't need to build anything, place any ads, create products, sell or talk to anyone... because the system does everything for you.
What's does this system actually do?
It takes all the best components of Internet marketing and puts them together in one platform to produce revolutionary money making technology; a digitally franchised business model that allows people to run their entire online businesses on autopilot and multiply their successes.
The system provides three built-in income streams; it offers sales personnel to close a sale for you; traffic sources to get you quality leads, and a variety of products and offers to choose from. The system even provides personal coaches for those who wish to learn the nuts and bolts.
Most impressive is how fast the results can be achieved. In fact, one beta tester made $9k in a 24-hour period.
It does not take weeks or months to see results because the franchising model is already tested and proven.
To gain access to the platform it costs only $47 / month --- with a 100% money back guarantee. In other words, zero risk with only upside potential.
For those who are not yet convinced, but are curious to learn more about the system, there is a 7-day trial period available for only $7.

About the Author
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Affiliate Marketing: The Benefits of Working From Home by Milo Pabawena

English: Sven Meissner - Online-Marketing Deut...
 Internet-Marketer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Online affiliate opportunities has explanations that are several, nevertheless each have the exact same importance. Online affiliate marketing is a big company piece on the Internet. It's a mixed effort between the website of an affiliate and Merchandisers. For a few years now, affiliate online marketing has demonstrated to be a successful, important formula of providing long-term results. It's become distinguished for internet sites who want to get both additional or extra revenue for their site. Evening-after-day, individuals become involved in online affiliate marketing and must generate income from it. But in several fonts, these lately affiliates have produced errors that are high priced and do not completely understand the online universe. Place differently, online marketing has often been misunderstood.
Among the more common myths that are connected around affiliate marketing online is "selling", even though selling makes up a critical action of online marketing as well as the central role of a company operation. Some others view that affiliate marketing is generally associated with "marketing". Even though the significance of advertising in marketing a certain product is not to be underrated, the truth of the situation is, advertising is the same as selling, is just part of a few functions of marketing.
An affiliate is paid-for each and every visitor, subscriber and/or his efforts were provided through by the buyer in affiliate marketing The said reparation can be made based upon a certain value for every visit. The most appealing part of online affiliate marketing from the retailer's advantage point is that no payment is owed to an online until effects are valued.
Online affiliate marketing is normally being operated by online systems and this online system are compiled from two working bodies, the team affiliates as well as the team retailers. For each one of these has their special function and intent when it comes to online affiliate marketing. The online community plays with a third company between the retailer and the associated affiliates. The network provides the engineering to supply the retailer's efforts and offers. The affiliate community, then pays the affiliates which are a part of the plan and as nicely takes from your retailer in percentage fees.
The retailer is some web site operator that wants to contract advantage of performance based marketing. The gains to the retailer are several. The merchant first of all, operates and keeps the affiliate organization. Whenever it will be plucked, the retailer has to manage their role by seeking affiliate websites that are fascinated to ensure that they're a better fit-for that special situation. Locating a match for their product could be the net income that is significant to a few generated. The retailer has access to markets and buyers without him spending valued time looking away. Advertising ads on affiliate websites will not be diverted to the site personally. It could bring about interest in this product and drive the customer to the retailers' website. They may be as well the retailer who discovers how much the site user is prepared to cover every deal that results with a customer sent from an affiliate.
The affiliate marketer or the affiliate, of course, will find a few benefits. The online affiliate marketer is a website owner that promotes one or more merchants' affiliate systems as well as themselves. Online affiliate marketing may give a full-time revenue for the online entrepreneur. Merely that isn't an easy job to reach. The online affiliate marketer needs to see a much better arrangement with the retailer on which the commission will undoubtedly be, anticipated payment method and moment required in the contract. The online affiliate marketer has as properly the obligation to signify the merchandise their user based would be most curious. For instance, if the site has a user-base of mainly homebody moms, then on line work availabilities such studies will be a better fit. Direct links would be similarly appreciated by this team to children's goods and educational sites. Merchandisers frequently provide planned, best-seller particulars and private assistance to their own online. They frequently offer sales event promos that may help the merchandise as well as the online affiliate marketer.
Online affiliate marketing is an expectant scenario for both marketer as well as the online. Whenever they would come together, they are sometimes a reward for both. As well as the fact that it seems to make common sense, it is an affordable and easy solution to begin, and also you can be operated within a few days and up. But there's one matter to think about, it is the way to get traffic and make your offering unlike all the others.
Here is a very special e-book that I have written that will give you all the information that you will need to succeed as an affiliate marketer.
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About the Author

I am a Shoshoni Indian from Fort Hall, Idaho. At this present time, I am working as an affiliate marketer, trying to raise money to help pay for my flight school. I am currently attending Utah Valley University where I am working on my B.S. as a professional pilot.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Four Ways of How Blogging Can Help Your Business

English: Mike Hanbery is a professional speake...
English: Mike Hanbery is a professional speaker and writer on marketing and social media for business. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whether your business is small, multinational or in between, it doesn't make any difference. The main point is blogging plays an integral role to your overall content marketing strategy. So, how exactly does it help your business? Let us give you four ways.
1. Drives Traffic Back to Your Website.
Blogging offers you the chance to make content that is both interesting and relevant for your target customers. Recognize that this opportunity makes an effective marketing scheme to drive traffic to your website.
To give your blog more exposure, post its link on all your social media accounts, whether in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. Of course, you need to make sure that your blog comes with an attractive image before promoting it. This gives your followers a reason to go to your website. It is also wise to post inbound links in your blogs as this drives traffic to specific landing pages.
2. Gives Your SEO or SERP a Boost.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It's no secret that blogging contribute much to increasing your SEO. The old and trusted way of creating fresh and original content is still the best way to getting ahead of your competitors in the SERP.
Make use of keywords in writing your articles. Likewise, list the topics and categories that can be associated with your business and use these, together with your keywords, in writing your posts. Note that all these are significant ways wherein Google, as well as other search engines, locate your site.
Regular blogging about your products, services, business, industry and consumer lifestyles increases your search keywords. Being actively intent about them are sure to boost results.
3. Positions your brand as a leader of your industry.
If your articles are written well, it only goes to show that your company is an industry leader. Posting topics that relate to your target customers and show your expertise or knowledge would also give a glimpse of the skills you for the products and services you are offering.
If, for instance, you are a retailer, writing blogs about your products would have your customers look up to you as their knowledge source of the particular products they wish to buy. If you have a B2B business, posting well-researched blogs about your services would make you an industry hub. All these contribute to building trust and credibility among your customers.
4. Develops better relationships with your customers.
Blogging gives a chance for you to connect with your customers better. Your articles give them insights to your products and services as well as informing and educating them of things that associated with what you have to offer.
For example, your product may be about baby strollers. Your blogs can touch on the kinds of double strollers there are and what benefits they can offer to parents in terms of features and the lifestyle they lead. You could also be offering marketing services so you can write about articles that teach them the latest marketing trends with today's digital technology. You are giving your blogs value because your customers are learning a lot from them.
Likewise, be sure to have direct interaction with your customers. Respond to comments posted in your websites and social media accounts. Don't be stingy with your answers as you can post longer ones compared to that of Twitter. This builds trust and credibility because your customers will feel that you are there, ready to address their queries and help them with any concerns.
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To know more about our services, visit or call us today at 02 8199 9482 for your complimentary web strategy assessment. You may also email us at One of our Web Consultants would be delighted to help you achieve your online goals!
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7 Strategies to Increase Traffic for Your Affiliate Website

Image of Google & Yahoo offices in Haifa. Both...
Image of Google & Yahoo offices in Haifa. Both located in the same building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As an affiliate marketer, it can be frustrating when you have a great website or blog but not really benefiting from your hard work. First of all, understand that you must exercise patience because it's going to take some time to build your reputation and traffic. It doesn't happen overnight. Your primary focus should be on creating quality content, followed closely with spreading the word; thereby driving relevant traffic to your site and ultimately maximizing profits via online sales from your banner ads and text links.

Keeping your primary focus in view, here are seven economical tips to drive traffic to your affiliate site:
Writing Articles - Even though you might have a website or blog, it still makes sense to write and post content for online article directories such as EzineArticles, with links back to your site. Articles are viral and very effective in driving traffic to your website. What's great about article marketing is that it's absolutely free.

Social Media - Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Goggle Plus can be powerful vehicles for promoting your site and articles when used with caution. Promoting too aggressively can make you appear desperate, which can be a turnoff to most people. Rather than going for the hard sell, try inserting your promotions, in balance, with great value-added content.

Email Marketing - Instituting a newsletter to subscribers is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, engage people and garner and a loyal following. Creating a relationship with your niche audience builds trust that will inherently compel them to click on links to your website or blog.

Blogs -... but not just any blog. Your blog must contain valuable content that is highly shareable and relevant to a large segment of people. Your subject line should be compelling enough that people will be drawn to click the link and view the content. Once they've landed on your site, it should create a strong desire to share it with others.

Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, etc. - Search marketing drives laser-targeted traffic to your site by allowing you to manage your own search campaigns. When running pay-per-click advertising you have to be mindful to manage, monitor and track your pay-per-click campaign carefully to ensure you're allocating your budget wisely and targeting your market effectively.

Search Engine Optimization - You cannot reply on any of the above methods without focusing on SEO. Search engines crawl the web scanning sites for indexing purposes and you want your site to be fully optimized to take advantage of their rankings. Here are some facts you should be aware of: First, sites are ranked according to popularity; consequently, your site ranking is heavily dependent upon your site linking to other sites. The more people reference your site, the more popular it will become. Second, search engines love content that is rich with keywords that accurately reflect what your site is about; the operative word being 'rich' keywords rather than an abundance of keywords. A site with an abundance of keywords will be translated as a SPAM site and totally overlooked by search engines.

Live Networks - Meet-up groups, networking events and other live exchanges are viable options for offline advertising. You interact with people in person, face-to-face, tell them about yourself and leave them with a business card, flyer or brochure containing your link.

The Affiliates Clearing House network is a powerful platform for performance-based marketing solutions.
Affiliates- configure your website or blog into a money-making vehicle by promoting a wide-range of ACH merchant partners.
Merchants - partner with ACH and harness the power of a global sales force that is eager to perform on your behalf.
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Why So Many People Fail In Affiliate Marketing?

Prof Narendra Nayak during a miracle-exposure ...
 affiliate of FIRA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Affiliate programs are more effective, risk-free, and cost-efficient, when comparing them to traditional advertising practices. But in internet marketing, why to people still fail? Looking into the program, there are a lot of reasons and areas to look into. Advertising is the most critical aspect in this niche. The most important thing in this niche and in all other kinds of business as well is hard work, which is what many affiliates lack and fail. You cannot merely rely on luck. It isn't that simple in this programme in directing customers to the business site. Of course, if you want to earn big, you will have to invest time and a great amount of hard work. As earlier mentioned, the competition is very high and customers nowadays are very wise, too. Who doesn't want to get the best purchase after all, that is, get more in terms of quality and quantity and pay less.
Lack of preparation is also a reason why one fails in affiliate marketing, whether he is a merchandiser or an affiliate. Research is a part of preparation. Part of research is preparation. On the part of the merchant, he has to be highly selective in choosing the right affiliate websites for his affiliate program.

He must exhausted his means in looking for highly interested whose sites are sure fit to products and services, in order to be sure he has the best choices. The affiliate site's visitors must match his targeted customers. The targeted customers who visit the site must match the site. Before he signs up for an affiliate program, on the other hand, the affiliate marketer must likewise research on the good-paying merchandiser before he signs up for an affiliate program. He must ensure that the merchant's products and services match his interests so he can give his full attention and dedication to the program. He can get valuable information by joining affiliate forums, comparing different affiliate programs and reading articles on affiliate marketing where he can get tips from experienced affiliate marketers on how to choose the best merchants and products with high conversion rate.

In the whole affiliate program the website is very important tool. As an affiliate marketer, you should plan how your site is going to be, from domain name to the design, the lay-out, the content, and ads. Some users won't read through the content even if your site has many things to say and offer, because what they see at first glance may not be appealing. On the other hand, there those who want information more than anything else. Affiliate marketers with "rich-content" web sites are usually the ones who prosper in this business because the content improves traffic to the site. Websites with high quality contents-with relevant keywords and more importantly, right information about the product and not empty hyped-up advertisements-allow you to earn big in affiliate marketing even when you're asleep. You won't be able to lead him to the merchant's site, if you can't sustain the interest of your site visitor.

Also crucial to the affiliate marketing program, is selecting a top level domain name. Affiliate managers deem many sites as personal so they don't appear in the search engine results. Decide on what you are going to promote and purchase a domain name. Many fail because their sites are not appropriately named, the customer might think the site is not relevant and thus, won't enter the site even when they feature the exact products the customer is looking for.

Willing to learn more, an affiliate marketer needs above all. Certainly, there are still a lot of things to learn and so an affiliate marketer must continue to educate himself so he can improve his marketing strategies. Many fail because they don't grow in the business and they are merely concerned about earning big quickly. If you want highly satisfactory results for the long term, take time to learn the ins and outs of the business. Continue to improve your knowledge especially with the basics in affiliate marketing ranging from advertising to programming, web page development, and search engine optimization techniques. Study the needs and wants of your site users and likewise, the competition between different merchandisers.

Don't be disappointed in your first attempts did not pay off, keep trying! Many sign up in any affiliate program without carefully understanding every aspect of the business, yet thousands are attracted by the possibility of generating skyrocketing incomes through affiliate marketing. When they don't get instant results, they quit and sign up for another program and repeat the process of just copying links and referring them to others. After you sign up for an affiliate program, expecting instant richness is not to be expected. Be patient and work on your advertising strategies. You'll never know how much you can get if you don't persevere.
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Marketing Resell Rights Products - 2 Tips For Success

"FOR SALE" - a classified ad in a ne...
"FOR SALE" - a classified ad in a newspaper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Selling resell rights products online can be an exciting thing. You can get set up immediately and start getting sales right away (if you know what you're doing). Truth be told, successful resell rights sellers know what it takes to make their product a success in their business - but do you?
In today's lesson, I want to go over a few simple steps for having success with selling resell rights products online. Only about 5% of the people selling these kinds of products online are having success. Now it's time to put YOU into that category also. Here's the first tip for selling them successfully:
1) Look at what your competitors are doing.

Here's something your probably already know. There are other people online selling the same resell rights products that you are. So that means that they're either selling them successfully, or they aren't making any money. No matter the case, you will want to focus on the way that both groups of people are marketing their product.

Some people like to modify the sales page. Some people add more to the sales page, some people delete things from the sales page, and some people even come up with their own website copy. All of these things can be beneficial to the campaign - but it depends on if you are doing it right.

Online ATM Machine

English: Traffic Flow Monitors See 532683 for ...
English: Traffic Flow Monitors See 532683 for information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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We use a unique and somewhat  mysterious traffic source... That will allow you to turn on all the free traffic you could ever want like a faucet... Then all you need to do is aim that traffic flow to your “money pages’ and...boom!
  • Watch out though, it’s going to happen fast.
  • In fact... you don’t realize it yet...
  • But if you stick with me... and follow my instructions...
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So You Want To Write An E-Book

English: A Picture of a eBook EspaƱol: Foto de...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There comes a time in the evolution of every Internet marketer when they realise that they really need to be writing their own e-books and reports yet we tend to shy away from writing our own material because we manage to convince ourselves that it is just too hard. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me show you a few simple steps to get you started.

The first step is to make a plan. What is your e-book going to be about? What information needs to be included and in what order? I set out my chapter or section headings and rearrange them, add in new headings and remove those that I decide that I don't need. The point is that you must make some sort of plan in order to stop the entire project from disintegrating into chaos.

After you have a your headings in place under each make an outline of the points you want to cover. There is no need to start at the beginning and work through in any particular order. This process is all about getting all the concepts you want to cover onto paper or into your word processor. Don't try to flesh out these ideas at this stage rather arrange your ideas under the appropriate headings and from this will emerge an outline. Take the time needed to make a solid and workable outline and the rest will be easy.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Tips That You Must Know

Audience at a show in Hong Kong.
Audience at a show in Hong Kong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are having trouble figuring out how to make money with affiliate marketing, you may be doing something wrong. Here are some tips on how to make your affiliate marketing efforts more effective.
Be a More Effective Affiliate Marketer
Don't neglect your content. You not only have to regularly post new content on your site to draw traffic, but you also have to ensure that it is relevant. The content may be useful, but if it is not something that your audience is interested in now and doing searches for, then it will not draw the traffic that you need to promote your affiliate products.
Is the product you are promoting relevant to your audience? The secret for how to make money with affiliate marketing is to choose a product that lands with your audience, that is useful for them and which is at a price point that they can afford. If your audience is not responding, then it may be time to look for another product to promote.
Have you won the trust of your audience? Ask yourself if they have accepted you as an authority in your niche such that they would accept your recommendations. If not, then you may have to do more work to reach out to them. Consider making more use of your social media accounts or adjusting your content to better meet your audience's needs.
Be honest about your affiliations. Don't hesitate to tell your audience that you are promoting a certain product because you are an affiliate. While you risk turning some of them off, many others will more likely respect your honesty and be willing to help you out by trying out the product. If they sense that you are being dishonest, then you are more likely to lose your audience.
Are you being helpful to them? When you are generating content, is the first thing in your mind how to make your audience want to buy the product? If so, then you are going about it the wrong way. Think about making your content about something that will be helpful to your readers first, and then connect it to the affiliate product that you are marketing. This approach will help you generate more sales in the long run.
Is the affiliate program I've chosen working for me? Maybe the affiliate program that you've signed up for is just not a good fit. In this case, maybe you should consider checking out other programs that offer products in your niche. Maybe their offerings will work better for you or they have better terms.
Knowing how to make money with affiliate marketing can often be tricky. But if you are open to experimenting and trying out new things to see if they work better and generate the sales that you want, then you'll surely be successful and see your online earnings grow.

About the Author

Interested in learning how to make money with affiliate marketing? Let us help you! Click to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: The Basic Four Tips for Success

English: Creating lifelong customer value with...
English: Creating lifelong customer value with your affiliate marketing business. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the best ways for people to start online businesses. There are many advantages that affiliate marketing offers, but arguably the most important is that you are selling a proven product and earning a commission for your work. In a real sense, you are a salesman offering a valuable product to the community and all you really need to do is promote it properly. Here are four easy tips on how to start, shape and expand your affiliate marketing efforts.
Choose One Product
It may sound counter-intuitive because you've been taught not to put all of your eggs in one basket. However, if you are just starting out in affiliate marketing you actually want to focus on just one item so that you can learn everything that you need to sell it.
So, choose a product that sells well and put your time and energy into promoting it so that you can focus your resources on getting the most out of this particular item. Choosing more than one item to start can spread your resources out too thin. Once you get this one rolling, then you can start on other products.
Try New Promotions
For every overnight success story in affiliate marketing, there are hundreds or thousands of people who have had to struggle to sell their products. They will have to put in many hours trying new ways to reach customers before finding success. This means if the sales do not come rolling in, you should adjust your landing page, blog, content and the like until you do start seeing results.
It may take one change or a hundred changes or more, just be persistent and experiment until you find the right combination that works.
Be as Creative as You Can
One issue about affiliate marketing is that you are not the only one who is promoting a particular product. Plus, many affiliate marketers tend to use the same types of advertising as well probably because they work. While you should emulate the methods that are successful in promoting the product, you will also need to set yourself apart as well. This means being creative and using different ways to promote what you have, so add to your advertising efforts by being creative.
You will not only find that your product gets more attention, it will provide an edge over your competition because you tried new things.
Results are the Bottom Line
One of the biggest hindrances with affiliate marketers is that they are often willing to read about new ideas or techniques of promotion, but are unwilling to actually put the money in to promote it in that manner. You are not going to earn any money by reading about what others are doing. It is only when you put in the money, time and effort will you see results.
Yes, you should always work smarter over working harder, but even working smart requires effort. You will only reap results with your efforts, not by reading about other people's efforts. You don't have to follow every trend, but you do have to take action at some point in order to get results. The bottom line in any business is the amount of profits that you earn, so keep up with the competition and work towards getting results.
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There Are No Losers In Affiliate Marketing

English: The interior of the showroom of Jacke...
 Affiliate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let's be clear from the start, affiliate marketing is not a get rich overnight, easy money-making hobby as some would suggest. The fact of the matter is that affiliate marketing is a burgeoning industry for online profits and, when engaged properly, produces only winners for all involved. Below we'll breakdown how all four affiliate marketing players profit when there is a commitment, knowledge and visibility.
The Merchant Wins
With traditional marketing such as television, radio and print advertising, businesses invest upfront with the hope of converting their marketing dollars into customers. Even with the best planning, there are no measures to ensure their campaigns will pay off. However, with affiliate marketing, that same business can engage the services of hundreds of affiliates and only pay a commission if the affiliate performs the pre-defined action of producing leads and/or sales for the business.
Like any good stock, the more affiliates the merchant attracts will increase its sales and leads-generation potential. With the ability to expand its brand that the internet offers, online businesses are able to garner business from customers they would not normally be able to tap.
The Affiliate Wins
The cost of entry to become an affiliate is relatively low, which eliminates the risk that can be posed when investing in other types of business ventures. With more and more people choosing to dump the daily grind office commute, affiliate marketing is an attractive option. Whether working from home or adding affiliate marketing to an existing online platform, affiliates can significantly increase their income.
Affiliates get to review and promote merchant programs that yield the highest return and bring the greatest value to their target market. Because of the low financial risk, an affiliate can test the waters to determine if affiliate marketing is a good fit. With any business, their commitment, experience and online traffic are key in determining their level of success.
The Customer Wins
Typically unbeknownst to them, customers complete the online affiliate transition with the merchant and affiliate by conveniently clicking on a banner ad or text link placed on the affiliate's website, blog or email correspondence. At his fingertips, the customer gets to complete a questionnaire, survey, form, make a sale or phone call if the banner ad or text link is of interest to him.
The Network Wins
When a network figures into the equation, it provides the most critical role of bridging the gap between all of the other parties. For its part in building strong relationships with merchants, attracting successful affiliates, providing the platform technology and other resources, the network receives an access and small transaction fee from the merchant. Affiliates join the network at no charge.
As the network increases its number of partnerships with quality merchants and successful affiliates, the profit potential for each grows exponentially. As a consequence, the greater the shopping experience for customers.
That's a win for all parties involved.
The Affiliates Clearing House network is a powerful platform for performance-based marketing solutions.
Affiliates- configure your website or blog into a money-making vehicle by promoting a wide-range of ACH merchant partners.
Merchants - partner with ACH and harness the power of a global sales force that is eager to perform on your behalf.
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Turn Your Lifestyle Using Internet Business

Minimum wage
Minimum wage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The internet is no longer merely a source of informal communication. It is now scattered with large businesses that operate solely on the web and make thousands of dollars. From product design to marketing and from pricing strategies to the actual selling process, everything takes place on the internet. While most well-known businesses operate on a large scale with massive budgets, this does not imply that a small business cannot succeed on the internet. In fact, even a minimum wage worker can use the internet to turn his/her lifestyle around, provided that the best strategies are applied. This article focuses on some of the ways this can be done.

If you are a minimum wage worker wanting to make money through an internet business, your best bet would be to start off with something small. Firstly, look into the ideas and skills you have for an online business. Do you believe you can physically make a certain kind of product, like clothing, and sell it through the internet? If yes, you must figure out your production process and your budget. You can then make a website to display and market your products. However, you must be ready to make sufficient investment in marketing in order to start making good profits within a few months of operation.

However, this is not the only way a minimum wage worker can make money online. In fact, this can also be done by availing a skill through freelancing. For example, if you feel like you are a good website designer and have some people who can help you with this, you can create a small online business. You can also start it alone and hire some people to work under you. Similarly, you can also respond to other popular demands, like those for writers, editors, application designers, etc. However, you must know that even if a business is small, it will take a fair amount of time and effort to be managed well.

A great way for a minimum wage worker to turn his lifestyle through an online business is to make use of the social media. Popular social media websites are now providing effective advertising solutions for very low prices. Social media is a great way to reach out to your potential customers, and can be a great investment for the long-run. Investing in good advertising will certainly pay off and will help you make profits after a while, if you continue to operate your business steadily.

If you are a minimum wage worker wanting to make money online, you can visit our blog for further information today!
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The Cash Machine

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  •  You didn’t need to come up with your own free offer
  •  You didn’t need to write any sales letters
  •  You didn’t need to pay for hosting or an auto-responder
  •  You didn’t need to send emails at all
  •  You didn’t need to provide any customer service or follow up
  •  You didn’t need to research for what products or affiliate programs to promote
  •  You didn’t even need to learn internet marketing!
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Affiliate Marketing Tips - 5 Great Ideas To Help You Make Money

English: Oneupweb's direct mail piece offering...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Affiliate marketing is a reliable way of making money using the internet but only if you know how to do it correctly. There are many different affiliate programs available on the internet but it is nevertheless difficult to make money unless one follows the right methods. The following tips will enable you to achieve a remarkable level of success as an affiliate:
  • Start by choosing affiliate programs of trustworthy companies, preferably those whose products and services you have personally used. You need to be able to promote it confidently or else your recommendations might not be convincing to others in the long run. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that your readers will keep coming back to you only if they are satisfied with the companies that you have recommended. Since many reliable companies offer affiliate programs then you will easily be able to select a few that suit your needs.
  • Work hard towards sending regular traffic to your site. An important thing to ensure is that your site has very high SEO rankings or else you will not get the desired amount of traffic. Also, if you are able to promote your site organically then you will get targeted traffic. You might also have to consider using a PPC campaign to promote your site; it is costly but gives the desired results.
  • Your website should be able to promote the product naturally without being just a medium to host ads for the product. In other words, you need to ensure that visitors to your site get plenty of information related to the product you are promoting so that they keep coming back to your site. Update the information frequently and use pictures and videos in addition to text.
  • Don't hesitate to try out different affiliate marketing programs in order to find out which one works best for you. Do not make the mistake of getting emotionally attached in any particular company's program because this will make you invest too much time and money without getting any returns.
  • Your landing page should be tweaked often in order to get the best possible response from visitors. The simplest things to experiment with are the placements of banners on your site because people are more likely to click through to a site if the banner can be seen easily.
Make sure that you use Google Analytics to study how effective your site is and what you can do to make it even more profitable. Do keep in mind that your affiliate marketing business will grow very gradually; in fact, instant success is almost impossible to come by. However, you can expect to build a reliable source of regular income if your build your affiliate business carefully and work hard to maintain it.

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How to Turn $12 Into $2000 - The Easiest Way to Build a Profitable Online Agency From Scratch

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I'm going to share with you the absolute easiest way to build a viable, valuable and enduring online business on a bootstrap budget, without gimmicks, gadgets or gurus. But, contrary to other articles that promise the world... Yet are invariably doomed to disappoint when you try or apply the strategies they recommend, I also want to challenge you to NOT take anything you read here on faith.

Instead, carefully consider whether or not these concepts resonate with you. And if they do... ask yourself whether you can truly envision yourself being excited and inspired by the simple steps below before you decide to actually dive in and do it.

First, understand THIS to be true because it is.
The easiest way to build a business online is to sell high end services to people who need what you know. Online agency style offers are IDEAL for this, because you can target a specific niche, market or industry that is ideal for you, and cultivate all the clients you need with simple, smart and evergreen strategies that will work if you continue to apply them.
Let me give you a personal example.
The first $2000 profit I generated for my own business came after months of struggling to make ANY profit at all. I tried every single gimmick, gadget and "guru" I could find... with absolutely NOTHING to show for it. It wasn't until I had a simple epiphany that I realized I had been going about the whole process all wrong.
The epiphany was, no matter how little I thought I knew about the online marketing business, I knew a lot MORE than most of the professional people who were living in my own community at the time.

How was I so sure?
Because I would search the local sites and services for professionals to pick in my OWN personal life... and I was always struck by how bad, inefficient, ugly or even non existent their online brand building was.
Bad outdated websites, terribly written content, no easy way to purchase products or services I knew I needed and was ready to buy, and so on.
Often, these were people with thriving brands and business in the real brick and mortar world as well - accountants, financial planners, doctors, dentists, realtors, coaches, consultants, etc.
One day, I decided to try an experiment. I bought a hyper local domain name in a prestigious community in an industry I knew was a very lucrative one.

I added a premium WordPress blog to the domain, wrote some generic content, added a newsletter form, registered some social media accounts for it, and spent about a day putting it all together.
The whole investment, other than my time... was $12. (the domain, and economy hosting)
Next, I advertised the site for sale on Craigslist and a few other smaller classified sites that are no longer around. Within 24 hours, I started to get inquiries. After a few days... I started to get serious offers for the site. By the 4th day, I had a deposit from a local cosmetic surgeon, and an informal contract to buy the site for $2k.

The best part?
This doctor not only wanted the site... He wanted a whole slew of other online agency style services that I promised to provide. I realized that while he was a very successful guy... he knew very little about how to market his business, build buzz for his brand and even LESS about how to build a blog, post content, build subscribers, and develop relationship marketing with people in his community who were trying to decide on which cosmetic dentist to pick.

The good news?
With a PROACTIVE marketing strategy like the one above you can literally take a $100, leverage free blog, brand and business building tools and techniques, and have your very own online marketing agency ready to rock and roll in short weekend.
There are no less than 10 unique services you can offer RIGHT now, in YOUR local community, that existing business owners will gladly pay you BIG bucks to provide, once they see you have value to offer.
The key is simple. Stop studying. Stop searching for bright and shiny gadgets and gimmicks and target real people, who NEED what you know right NOW. (and NOT what you'll know after the next course you take, or book you buy)

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