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I have discovered in my 48 years of living here on planet earth that it is not the job per-Se that gives people fortune but the person behind the job. If it is the job per-Se that gives people wealth, then all lawyers will be very wealthy, and that is why we have very rich lawyers and very poor ones. We have very rich doctors and very poor ones. There are some jobs we commonise and look down on, but these have landed some people into unusual degree of wealth. When I was growing up, the cobbler was a common man on the street that everybody looks down upon, it was so bad that many shoe menders are the lowest paid in the society, it was nothing but as they say, hand to mouth.

Today, some people turned the tide making themselves handsomely rich in the cobbler business and some of them rank among the richest in town. It does not matter what job you do, you can rank among the richest in town: my point is very simple, every job, and every business have equal opportunity to make people rich. The riches you see in people from their jobs is not from the job but from the inside of the man behind the job.

How Can I make My Job land Me millions?
Wealth Jar - Chinese New Year
Wealth Jar – Chinese New Year (Photo credit: Rayna.Ramsay)

Any job is good enough to make you a millionaire, but why are you not one, after-all you are working? The reason is that many people are working but they are not doing the job they really love and desire. You can very hardly become rich in any job or business you are doing unless you really love and desire it. When you do not love or desire the job, it becomes a chore, a duty, a must do. when your job is a chore, you cannot go far because every now and then you will get tired and fatigue. Since the job is not from your innermost desire, new ideas will not flow and the new innovation that makes way for riches will not come and so you will just be an average person making average income, I say God forbid. Those who love their jobs and are very enthusiastic about those jobs are the ones that get fresh ideas from God, they are the ones that are noticed and get the promotion.

My advise therefore, if the job you are presently doing is a chore, consider doing the things that you really love, you may want to start it on part time basis but by all means start it now.
When you do the job you love, it will cease to be a chore, it will be like play, as if you are not exerting any effort or strength. I have a brother who failed in every job that he got, we all talked about him that he was a lazy man. One day he became a real true born again christian, and from then on, he discovered that he had the call of God upon his life. This guy will pray so late to the middle of the night. He was lazy in everything, but it came to prayers, he was remarkably strong, today, he is a successful pastor of a big church, God has blessed him with a car and a personal house and he is increasing everyday. Doing what you love is a guarantee that you will be a high paying professional, and the truth is that it does not matter what profession. Another thing this does for you is that it helps you to live real long on earth, yes, its true. Doing the job you love helps you to live long on the earth and I want you to understand why. The happier you are the longer you are likely to live. This is a link to find a job, just Click Here!
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