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How to Be a Millionaire (Earn Money Online Over and Over Again)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Philippine gam...
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Philippine game show) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My purpose in writing this is to show you how to be a millionaire...
I'm not here to show you how you can "make it" this month or earn some quick cash. There are other sites online that will show you how to do that. But online surveys and fiver $5 dollar gigs are not the best use of your time.
It's like the old saying: Do you want a fish or would you prefer to learn HOW to fish? If you want to learn how to fish and how to earn money online (an ever-growing and expanding) income, keep reading.
What I'm here to REVEAL is a strategic way of thinking and a system you can plug in to understand how to earn money online, how to start generating wealth and become a millionaire.
To earn money online (the ever-growing kind). You MUST understand what Internet Marketing is and what is not. It is way more than having a laptop and a beach on your back.
Then, to become a millionaire (by growing your internet business) you need to master fundamental principles of marketing and have an effective evergreen system that reflects those principles.
One of the guys from which I have learned a lot is Rich Schefren, here is a very small piece of his brain, in an article he wrote titled: Where do internet marketers go to die?
"In an ideal world, you should envision a product of lasting value. Now, you might create that product quickly. And it might not be the highest quality at first. BUT... you don't stop there. You continually work to make the product better and at the same time you continually get better at marketing that product. You tighten your focus based on the feedback you get, so that your products get better and better and your marketing of those products get better and better"
If you can't handle the pressure of running a start-up company, you can still be strategic by using a proven system that works.
A system that works as a FRANCHISE (like Mac Donald's, etc). Where you buy the license to sell their products and INHERIT the reputation of that franchise.
And that's what I want to talk with you about...
If you're not familiar with the concept of "Top Tier" sales... it basically means "high price point" sales. These are programs that cost thousands of dollars, sometimes as much as $50,000 (or more).
How many $10 dollar eBooks you have to sell to becoming a millionaire?
  • 100,000 eBooks (if you own 100% of the rights)
How many $50,000 High Price Point programs you have to sell to become a millionaire?
  • 20 Training Programs (if you own 100% of the rights).
Any light bulbs turning on and exploding yet?
What's easier? Finding 100,000 customers or finding the right 20? Finding the right 20 is way easier!!!!!
BUT there is a big STONE on the way... the key to making Top Tier sales is 1-on-1 phone sales (because it's the most effective way to close high-ticket sales and make BIG commissions). And the problem is... selling on the phone is a HUGE barrier for most people, especially if you're just getting started online.
Which is why the online business model I'm talking about is such a game changer. BECAUSE it takes the pressure of making phone sales away from you completely. YES, our phone sales team will pick up the phone for you, and close high ticket sales for your leads...
Unfortunately, this article is already too long... but you can LEARN more by clicking here.
Yes, you can learn how to earn money online (the ever-growing kind) and start changing your financial future today.
If you want to learn How to Be a Millionaire and a proven way to Earn Money Online. Just click on the links to learn more. Remember: "where there is a will there is a way". Are you willing to become a millionaire?
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