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How to Turn $12 Into $2000 - The Easiest Way to Build a Profitable Online Agency From Scratch

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I'm going to share with you the absolute easiest way to build a viable, valuable and enduring online business on a bootstrap budget, without gimmicks, gadgets or gurus. But, contrary to other articles that promise the world... Yet are invariably doomed to disappoint when you try or apply the strategies they recommend, I also want to challenge you to NOT take anything you read here on faith.

Instead, carefully consider whether or not these concepts resonate with you. And if they do... ask yourself whether you can truly envision yourself being excited and inspired by the simple steps below before you decide to actually dive in and do it.

First, understand THIS to be true because it is.
The easiest way to build a business online is to sell high end services to people who need what you know. Online agency style offers are IDEAL for this, because you can target a specific niche, market or industry that is ideal for you, and cultivate all the clients you need with simple, smart and evergreen strategies that will work if you continue to apply them.
Let me give you a personal example.
The first $2000 profit I generated for my own business came after months of struggling to make ANY profit at all. I tried every single gimmick, gadget and "guru" I could find... with absolutely NOTHING to show for it. It wasn't until I had a simple epiphany that I realized I had been going about the whole process all wrong.
The epiphany was, no matter how little I thought I knew about the online marketing business, I knew a lot MORE than most of the professional people who were living in my own community at the time.

How was I so sure?
Because I would search the local sites and services for professionals to pick in my OWN personal life... and I was always struck by how bad, inefficient, ugly or even non existent their online brand building was.
Bad outdated websites, terribly written content, no easy way to purchase products or services I knew I needed and was ready to buy, and so on.
Often, these were people with thriving brands and business in the real brick and mortar world as well - accountants, financial planners, doctors, dentists, realtors, coaches, consultants, etc.
One day, I decided to try an experiment. I bought a hyper local domain name in a prestigious community in an industry I knew was a very lucrative one.

I added a premium WordPress blog to the domain, wrote some generic content, added a newsletter form, registered some social media accounts for it, and spent about a day putting it all together.
The whole investment, other than my time... was $12. (the domain, and economy hosting)
Next, I advertised the site for sale on Craigslist and a few other smaller classified sites that are no longer around. Within 24 hours, I started to get inquiries. After a few days... I started to get serious offers for the site. By the 4th day, I had a deposit from a local cosmetic surgeon, and an informal contract to buy the site for $2k.

The best part?
This doctor not only wanted the site... He wanted a whole slew of other online agency style services that I promised to provide. I realized that while he was a very successful guy... he knew very little about how to market his business, build buzz for his brand and even LESS about how to build a blog, post content, build subscribers, and develop relationship marketing with people in his community who were trying to decide on which cosmetic dentist to pick.

The good news?
With a PROACTIVE marketing strategy like the one above you can literally take a $100, leverage free blog, brand and business building tools and techniques, and have your very own online marketing agency ready to rock and roll in short weekend.
There are no less than 10 unique services you can offer RIGHT now, in YOUR local community, that existing business owners will gladly pay you BIG bucks to provide, once they see you have value to offer.
The key is simple. Stop studying. Stop searching for bright and shiny gadgets and gimmicks and target real people, who NEED what you know right NOW. (and NOT what you'll know after the next course you take, or book you buy)

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