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The Truth of Online Money Making

Der Loyalitätskreislauf (Marketing, E-Marketing)
Der Loyalitätskreislauf (Marketing, E-Marketing) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So you want to be an internet millionaire in 6 months? Well, I do too, so if you've found a way then disregard this article and send me the email as to how you did it. If you're reading this, you're likely very much like me: you want to make money from home, find financial security and freedom, and never again return to the 9-5 grind. For most, this is a fantasy; the internet can never make you money... right? WRONG.

Now, I may have started this article off a little pessimistic, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in internet entrepreneurship, or don't personally do them because I certainly do. But before you decide you want to do the same, get one thing down first: you can't expect the internet to make you a millionaire in 6 months, maybe not even a year. And, if you do want to ever reach income of any real significance... it takes time and effort. The internet is not a just-get-it-done money maker. It gives as much as you're willing to give. Keep reading if you still want to make the internet your source of income now that you know that.

If you're still here, then you, too, have what it takes to make online money. That said, I'll now address the hows of the goal. Internet money making can be split into several categories. You can become a data entry tech, an at home secretary, a telemarketer, or the techie support guy that puts you on hold for 40 minutes until he figures out what the hell he's doing (sorry if you are a tech support guy, I mean no offense that's just been my experience thus far). All of these can make you money from home, sure, but guess what's wrong with them? They are still low paying, dead end, 9-5's. You simply now do it from the comfort of your own sofa. This is an alright place to start if you simply need something and need it now; trust me I started here too. But it took very little time for me to realize that I hated these more than I hated a real job, and it wasn't exactly the opportunity I was looking for. So what do you do with the internet? Two big, very important words (seriously make these your new best friends): Affiliate Marketing. Picture these words painted in the sky with diamonds and say them again if it didn't awe you the first time. Affiliate marketing is to the internet as Gucci is to the fashion world. If you really want to make money, affiliate marketing is where it is.

Alright so this is probably where you're going "stop ranting and get on with it," so I will before I lose you. Affiliate marketing is all of those annoying little ads you see on the side of every webpage, or the links you click that take you to go buy something. It's even the pop-ups that spam your page every 5 seconds without that nifty little pop-up eating program. Now, if you're like me, these annoy you to no end... until you make money off of them. How does that work? Well let's say you take one of these ads and post it on your Facebook for Walmart. Walmart likes this. Why? Because you get them visitors to their site whenever someone clicks your ad. Now let's say that visitor buys something. Walmart then rewards you for your efforts via a commission. And that's how affiliate marketing works. Walmart in my example is the affiliate, and you are their marketer. But Walmart is just one company. There are THOUSANDS of companies that will pay you to advertise for them. The more you do, the more potential customers, the more potential money. Best part is you pay NOTHING to become their affiliate marketer.You seeing the potential here?

Now before you knock this, for whatever reason, I want you to know that I do this. My technically challenged grandparents could do this. This is the easiest scheme once you learn it, and yet best kept secret of at home money making. So if it works why doesn't everyone do it? A. It takes effort. B. It takes help if you aren't a computer genius. C. Information isn't free anymore. This part is key because I know I lose a lot of you right here. But if you do believe me, and you do go on to affiliate market, then this fact will not discourage you, and you will go on to make substantial income while the rest flip your burgers at a fast food joint. I can't tell you everything there is to know about affiliate marketing in this article. I could write a book on it. But what I want you to gain from this is that YOU CAN MAKE MONEY AND NOT WORK.

Affiliate marketing is the how, and if you stick with it, you can turn what seems like a fantasy into a quite tangible reality.
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