Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creating A Platform For Your Affiliate Business

The next thing for you to do is to create a platform from where you will operate your affiliate business. It is like setting up an office in real life where people can find you to transact business. This platform is your personal website, it is like your office as I wrote earlier, you want to make it presentable and let it give a true representation of you and your business. The best place to start is a blog, and there are so many ways to start one. If you are starting out with little or no money (I understand because I've been there), you can try to start with blogger, this is a big blogging platform controlled by google and they give you access to own your own blog, controlled entirely by you and they give you the freedom to use it to make money through the adsense program. If you decide for a website blog controlled by blogger, your website name will look like Another good platform to start with is called the hubpages, they also allow you to start your blog, give you the access and the freedom to showcase your talent and your products and the freedom to make money with adsense, amazon and ebay. Hunpages will give you a domain name that looks like, it is your own unique url, it is your website, if you become popular in hubpages, your income will increase with time.

You can start out bigger and more professionally if you can afford to spend some money. In fact, the best thing to do is to start with your own domain name, something like http;//, you can also use other extensions like .net, .org, and so on. Since you will be promoting products as an affiliate, it is good to start a blog with wordpress platform because it is easy to update and very friendly to search engine. Let me show you what to budget for this virtual office, you will need a domain name which will cost you about $15 a year, a web hosting account which will cost you about $7 per month. You can buy your domain name from any of the domain registrars on the net, the same goes for your web hosting space.

The reason why you need a blogging platform is that through it you can write articles, reports, reviews of your products to enlighten people about what you are selling. The more you write about your products, the more authoritative you become online. As you make research about each product and honestly write educative articles on them, you will become one of the experts in that niche and people will be able to buy the products you give credence to because they have come to trust you. One mistake many people make is that they start off their blogs with blatant advertisement and many readers may never come back when they perceive that your site is only interested in making money through advertisement. Start off your blogs with interesting articles, let your blog post speak about your personal experience, make it real, something that people can relate with. Don't worry if you are not given to writing, you can still create blogs on your chosen niche, you do this through sourcing free articles from the articles directories but the condition is that you must include the author's resource box in the post. if you do not want author's resource box included on your website then you have to hire people to write articles for you.

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