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Four Ways of How Blogging Can Help Your Business

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Whether your business is small, multinational or in between, it doesn't make any difference. The main point is blogging plays an integral role to your overall content marketing strategy. So, how exactly does it help your business? Let us give you four ways.
1. Drives Traffic Back to Your Website.
Blogging offers you the chance to make content that is both interesting and relevant for your target customers. Recognize that this opportunity makes an effective marketing scheme to drive traffic to your website.
To give your blog more exposure, post its link on all your social media accounts, whether in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. Of course, you need to make sure that your blog comes with an attractive image before promoting it. This gives your followers a reason to go to your website. It is also wise to post inbound links in your blogs as this drives traffic to specific landing pages.
2. Gives Your SEO or SERP a Boost.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It's no secret that blogging contribute much to increasing your SEO. The old and trusted way of creating fresh and original content is still the best way to getting ahead of your competitors in the SERP.
Make use of keywords in writing your articles. Likewise, list the topics and categories that can be associated with your business and use these, together with your keywords, in writing your posts. Note that all these are significant ways wherein Google, as well as other search engines, locate your site.
Regular blogging about your products, services, business, industry and consumer lifestyles increases your search keywords. Being actively intent about them are sure to boost results.
3. Positions your brand as a leader of your industry.
If your articles are written well, it only goes to show that your company is an industry leader. Posting topics that relate to your target customers and show your expertise or knowledge would also give a glimpse of the skills you for the products and services you are offering.
If, for instance, you are a retailer, writing blogs about your products would have your customers look up to you as their knowledge source of the particular products they wish to buy. If you have a B2B business, posting well-researched blogs about your services would make you an industry hub. All these contribute to building trust and credibility among your customers.
4. Develops better relationships with your customers.
Blogging gives a chance for you to connect with your customers better. Your articles give them insights to your products and services as well as informing and educating them of things that associated with what you have to offer.
For example, your product may be about baby strollers. Your blogs can touch on the kinds of double strollers there are and what benefits they can offer to parents in terms of features and the lifestyle they lead. You could also be offering marketing services so you can write about articles that teach them the latest marketing trends with today's digital technology. You are giving your blogs value because your customers are learning a lot from them.
Likewise, be sure to have direct interaction with your customers. Respond to comments posted in your websites and social media accounts. Don't be stingy with your answers as you can post longer ones compared to that of Twitter. This builds trust and credibility because your customers will feel that you are there, ready to address their queries and help them with any concerns.
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