Friday, September 26, 2014

List Building: A Profitable Venture

When you publish quality articles that caters to the need of people on your blog, people will begin to trust you, it is then and only then that you can begin to use it to market your affiliate products. This is because people will begin to subscribe to your newsletter as they discover the ingenuity of your information. You must have put a form on your site that takes the name and email addresses of interested readers of your blog. Setting up a form to lead people to subscribe to your newsletter will help you to build a list that you can monetize at any time.

Marketing affiliate products becomes easy and profitable when you have an email list of subscribers. This is a list of people who have subscribed to receive your newsletters, they subscribed either on your website or through a squeeze page which you promoted. How do you get subscribers through your website or blog? This is very simple, You will need to locate and register with a good auto-responder company, there are so many out there, but as a beginner, I can recommend list-wire because they will give you free auto-responder facility to use to grow your business. When you register with list-wire, you should then enter into your account and create a web form and place it on your website. Whenever anyone fills the form on your blog, that information will go to your auto-responder in list-wire. You will be able to see the list of real people who have subscribed to your newsletter in your list-wire account. This is your list, they are your fans, they are the ones who trusted you enough to leave their email addresses with you. You can also get subscribers through creating a squeeze page and put an auto-responder form on the page, you have to motivate them to give you their email addresses by offering them a free e book or service.
Creating a list should be an on-going procedure if you want to continue to rake in money in affiliate marketing. This list is your gold mine, you can broadcast or announce any product to your list at any time, and because they have come to know you, even to trust you, expecting a certain percentage of them to buy from you is only fair. As you keep the list, make sure you don't announce things for sale all the time, try to also announce freebies, and build more trust and confidence by giving them quality product.

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