Monday, September 15, 2014

Starting Off in Affiliate Business

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Affiliate business is a platform that gives you the opportunity to start your own personal business with little or no capital. As an affiliate, all you do is to take a product or service which someone else had spent his or her own time and money to develop and promote such as your own in other to get some percentage of the profit each time someone buys the product or service through your effort.

What we do as affiliate is to create our own legitimate business, then tap into the potential of other people's product, promote those products as if they are our own products then get certain percentage of the profit. The manufacturers or producers of the products or services actually need affiliates because they can not market their products alone. They need other people (affiliates) to help them sell these products so they can earn more money from their efforts. Most of the producers of valuable services knows that the more affiliates they can recruit to market their products, the better the business for them.

Producers are ever ready to reward any affiliate business man handsomely, hence some can give as high as seventy five percent of the sales price to the affiliate if it is a digital or downloadable product, and up to thirty percent of the profit if it is a physical product. Anyone who understands the full meaning of affiliate business will know that an affiliate marketer can earn as much as a million dollars and more in commission in the course of any given year. I have read of affiliate marketers who target profit of a million dollars a month.

If affiliate marketing business is this lucrative, why are many people not making money from it? This is a pathetic because many people who are involved in affiliate business do not fully understand the business. There are seven things that you need to fully understand and constantly do to make any money and continue to increase your income in affiliate marketing business. The first thing is to make a decision that it is the business you want to do, Meaning that you are ready to stick with it, you are not going to quit in the next few months or even in the next few years. When this is your decision, you will be surprised how ideas will be flowing to you. This decision will burn the bridge behind you, knowing that you cannot retreat, you will begi to see great ways opening up to you.

The next thing to understand and realize is that the market is too wide, you alone cannot serve the whole market, you need to decide which segment of the market you are ready to serve. You need to answer the the question about the niche you will love serve. I say serve because affiliate marketing is a service, a money spinning service if you know the secret. The best niche for you is that one that stimulate your own personal interest, this is because a successful affiliate marketer must be an authority in any niche he ventures into. It will not seem like a chore when it is a niche you are interested in, after you decide on the niche say you are a sports fan, the you need to further pin your marketing effort into sub-niche for example basketball.

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