Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Earn Money With Free Blogs

There are two effective ways you can quickly put your stamp of presence on the internet right away, the first is free and the second is not because you have to pay for your domain name and hosting on yearly basis. Domain name is much like choosing a name for your business, church or organization, it is your business name by which you and your ministry or church will be identified or called on the internet and once registered and paid for nobody under the sun can register or use that name again forever, as long as you continue to pay the yearly subscription.

On the other hand, hosting is much like renting a space for your ministry or church in the real world, it is the location where all your materials and resources are stored and kept for the assessment of whosoever you permit to access it anywhere in the whole wide world. All your write ups, business proposals, sales letters, sermons, audios, pictures, videos, and everything is kept in your hosting space, it is yours forever as long as you keep on paying for the subscription charges and fees every year.

Lets discuss the free domain and hosting first because this is what many people want, and I am going to show you everything here that will get you going after you’ve had a perfect understanding of its working. There are two ways you can enjoy the free domain and hosting, the best way is to get a subdomain under the best blogging platforms. The best blogging platforms that I recommend are these: – WordPress, Blogger, and Vox.

If your intension is to make a little extra cash with your free website, then I will recommend blogger, it is owned by google and you can locate it at If you click that link with your mouse now, you will be directed to their website where you can begin the creation of your own blog or website. You will find it so easy and flexible to start and to control your posting of the articles, getting it published and so on. It is a very beautiful platform and the easiest one on the internet, no other blogging platform is easier than blogger in my own assessment.

I have about ten blogs or so with blogger, I will put two here for your assessment, the first is, and the second one is Click on the two, each one at a time, to see as an example how to create your own personal or church blog, and you can ask me questions later through my e-mail address. I will explain later how to make a little extra cash from blogger through what is popularly known as AdSense.
Watch out for part two soon

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