Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Make Money With Free Blogs 2

To open a website that will have a name that looks like, or the first and easiest thing to do is to have a gmail. This is a free e-mail address service provided by google the owners of When you have your gmail address, then you are ready to start the process of building your personal or church website for free. You can do it without gmail though, you can do it with yahoomail, hotmail, aolmail, or any other, but I recommend you have a gmail for many reasons I have no time or space to explain here.

Click to and go to start a blog, put in your desired website name to test if somebody else have not registered the name. If someone else have registered it, then choose another name, suggestions will be provided, if it pleases you, take it if not, type in another name to see if it is free, keep on trying until you find a free name, register it as yours and begin to blog. It is as simple as that, your first website is then instantly created. You may want to get my e-book titled “My Blog Starter” this is a step by step guide into starting a new website with blogger, make sure you read it, for it is your guide to creating a website. To get that book, you will need to pay a token fee of $5 or N750 to my account, mail me for payment instuctions, get my mail address at the contact page.

Creating a blogger website is very easy, but the work aspect of it is the need for you to regularly update the website with fresh articles, audio files, pictures, or even videos. You need to regularly visit the admin panel of your site to beautify it and do regular editing work to put your site in great shape. To get into the admin panel, you only need to simply click on the sign-in button at the top right corner of your website, you will be taken to the dashboard from where you can administer the site to your taste. From there you post new articles or pictures or audio or anything else.

The next thing to do to make money from your new blog or website is to register for AdSense, this is better done from the dashboard of your new website, just stroll down to click the adsense icon, then you will be taken to the registration page where you are required to complete the forms and wait for three to five days for the approval of your application. You will not be qualified for Adsense program until your blog is six months or older and it must contain detailed content for the approval to come. You can also monetize the blogs by advertising affiliates products fro profit. Clickbank product review will make you pretty cash.

If approved, adverts will be placed on your site and anyone who clicks on the advert will make you money. As people click on the advert, you will be making more money, but you MUST not click on the ads yourself or ask a friend or church members to click it for you, google may find out and ban you from further participation. AdSense is a great revenue opportunity for website owners all over the world, I have used it to rake in decent amount of dollars over the past one year. You need to be careful that you are not disqualified in any way, as this is a potential income earner for you and your young business or church. You can look for some other e-books that teaches on this in a more comprehensive way, check it out in this website, I have free downloadable books on Adsense for you. I wish you and your business or ministry a very wonderful time with blogger.

Note that I have a video presentation of how to do all these things that teaches people through on screen video show how to do it. It is a “hold my hand to do it video” you cant miss it or forget a step using this video presentation as a guide. You can contact me through my e-mail address to get these video presentation for a token of N2700. This is a fair price because the presentation normally goes for N5000, they are 5 fully loaded videos. Pay to my GT bank account and notify me by mail or text to my phone, and you will receive your order within 24 hours of confirmation of payment. Get my bank details by mailing me through my mail address on the contact page.

For a start, if you use blogger, stay with it until you are perfect before trying any other platform, but if you want something else other than blogger, that is if you dont really care about making extra cash with your online business, then you can try the next platform which I will talk about in the next post. Or you may start with blogger and after some time of perfecting the creation of a fantastic website with blogger, you can then go to the next post I put here on this website to learn how to work with wordpress. This is because blogger is the best platform to learn the art of blogging because of its simplicity, if you can blog with blogger, then you will be able to do something with many other platforms and most importantly make money doing what you love.

Building A Free Website With WordPress

The second way to build a free website that will give you a more professional outlook and make your website really be able to get more features is wordpress which some people think is a better platform to have than blogger, but I do not agree with that at all. You can get to wordpress through this link at, and it will be a very sweet experience for you to start your own very first website all for free with no string attached.

I have at least three websites with wordpress, one of them is at I encourage you to go to this site and just see how I have done mine to help you in creating yours to make it even a better looking website than mine. Is is an easy thing to start a wordpress blog site with little or no guidance from anybody, but you will have to work very hard to understand the terms used and how each gadget works. This is so because it is much more complicated than the blogger platform, you need to understand this, you may need trainning and asistance to master wordpress. Go now to, then click on sign-up button, in the next window, fill in the form and submit it, follow all the instructions to open a website of your own, type in your desired website name something like

Remember that creating a wordpress blog is as easy as A B C, but you have to learn the art of updating the content of your website with fresh contents like articles, pictures, audio messages, or even video recordings of your messages. You do all these from your admin panel called the dashboard as explained in the case of blogger

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