Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Profit With Online Audios and Videos

There are a lot people making money with audios and video production and marketing.
You can use audio and video as a means of training or teaching people what you know in any area of business and sell it as an information products. These days people are in a hurry and have little time to read, most people believe in listening to messages on audio or video device. It is not too difficult to open a recording studio inside your computer, you record, edit, and even mass produce your products on CD’s and DVD’s right inside your computer. You can produce as many Cds as you desire.

Most of your products can be uploaded to your site ready for your buyers to download it on their own computers, and they can choose to write it on CD or make it stay on their hard disks. If you decide to use the up-loading options, you may not need to write on CD to start with, but bear in mind that it is more profitable for you to write on CD so that you can sell it even offline.

How To Set Up Your Studio:-
Get a software that can do the job on your computer, learn how to use it, and begin the recordings of your messages or training programs. There are many video editing softwares on the internet today, some of them are available for free download and can be used without any restriction. Some of the good ones are Cyberlink YouCam, Debut Video Capture Software, Cam Studio, and so on, you can get more by simple search through google or yahoo. After you have gotten your video editing software, you can then begin to record your videos, training sessions, interviews with the experts and so on.
The next thing is to begin to upload your videos to any of the video sites the good ones are youtube, revver, metcafe and many others
For audio recordings, you can download a software called audacity located at, it is a free software, and it will help you to record your audios and get it ready for writing on Cds or uploading to your website for instant selling to the public. You will be surprised at the high quality of the recordings. You may also want to allow the general public to assess your audio presentations, in that case you will need to register with our, upload your audio recording there and promptly it will be available to the listening public within minutes. The embedded code will be provided for you to be able to put on any website where visitors to such website can listen to your audio presentations.

To do a high quality screen capture video recordings, you can buy a copy of Camtasia Studio at I do not think the cost is more than $300 as at now.

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