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The Step by Step Ways to Make Money On Youtube

If you're trying to make a big impression with Google, then you've got to include YouTube into your money-making efforts. Not only is it easily the biggest video sharing website on the internet today at over 100 hours of video being uploaded every 60 seconds, but the video content ranks highly in search results.
With billions of hours of content to view, is it really possible to make money on YouTube? Can you stand out and get noticed? Absolutely! Here's how you can get started doing this right now.
Step #1: Create Your Own Web Channel
You'll need to have a YouTube account to get started and then you'll need to have your own web channel. Think about what kind of videos you'd like to post and then start getting creative. You can produce your own independent news shows, create a television show, or just do video blogging. There's really no limits to what you can create.
Just make sure that you can provide something of value to those who are watching your videos. Whether it's construction instructions or 10 minutes of kittens riding unicorns while visiting rainbows, there's something you can do that your target audience will find to be of value. Find it and then provide videos for it.
Step #2: Monetize Your Videos
You'll need to authorize your videos to run advertisements on them. You can do this from your dashboard for your entire account, but if you've already uploaded videos and have them live, you may need to go into the video details screen to check the "Monetize with Ads" box. This check box is also available to mark as your video uploads.

Step #3: Link Your Google AdSense Account
To get paid for your share of the advertising that happens on your videos, you'll need to have an active Google AdSense account. Applying for one is a pretty simple process, but be aware that this may not be for everyone. If you've had your account blocked in the past for any reason by Google for other advertising efforts you may have made, then you will not be approved for this portion of the money that can be made from YouTube.
If you already have an AdSense account, just make sure it is linked to your overall profile. The information will automatically populate into YouTube and funds from your videos will be added to your other revenue sources.
Step #4: Market Yourself Like Crazy
The key to making a lot of money on YouTube is to increase your overall video views. You'll want to put yourself out on all of the social networks that you have and encourage anyone you've ever met to give your web channel a view. You've got 90 days to really make a difference in the viewing stats of your account. If you don't reach a certain threshold, then you won't be able to maximize the amount of money that can be earned with your original video content.
What are some unique ways that you could market your web channel online?
Create a specific Facebook page that is 100% dedicated to your YouTube web channel.
Start writing a new blog that corresponds with the content that you are posting on YouTube to create cross traffic.
Sign up for article writing websites that will allow you to post video content links within the body of the text you're creating.
You cannot use any copyrighted materials in the creation of your videos or associated content. If you are and you don't have explicit permission to do so, then you may find that your account will become quickly banned.
Step #5: Test Your Content
YouTube offers users a number of helpful tools that will let web channel owners see how well their content is engaging people. This is the best place to see if your test markets are really paying off. If you're not getting the viewing hours that you think you should be getting, the information and metrics here will allow you to be able to tweak your video content so that it can engage your viewing audience in a better way.
It is important to remember that an audience doesn't have to engage in a positive way for you to make money with your web channel. A negative response that creates viewers and comments can help to increase your viewing hours as well. The best content is going to engage people on both sides of a subject so that your video can serve as a discussion point and receive multiple views from those who are trying to prove their points.
Step #6: Become a YouTube Partner
To qualify for the YouTube Partners program, you must first apply through the appropriate page. Anyone can become a YouTube Partner, but the videos must be monetized before your account will be approved. When you're a YouTube Partner, you will be able to create more effective content thanks to the better tools you are given. Videos can even win prizes based on the amount of views that they are able to achieve over a specific period of time.
The partnership program from YouTube has different tiers for you to achieve that is based off of the success of your web channel. The most powerful tools, options, and prizes come for Partners that have achieved over 15,000 watching hours of their video content over the last 90 days. That's why marketing yourself and your web channel is such a critical component to successfully earning money on YouTube.
Step #7: Stay Consistent
Uploading a handful of videos and expecting them to succeed just isn't going to be good enough to make some consistent cash. You'll need to keep creating, keep uploading videos, and have a consistent schedule of uploads so that your subscribers are going to have easy access to the content that you're creating.
It is very possible to make money on YouTube today. Follow these steps and you'll begin a journey toward profitability.
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