Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why You Need A Website For Your Affiliate Marketing Business?

Joseph Adenuga
Hello, my name is Joseph Adenuga, in this article I want to show you how to begin the process of developing a very strong affiliate marketing business. It is true that you can earn money as an affiliate marketer without having a website, but the truth is that you will be missing out on some actions and some money making potential.

Website is like your office address where you function and interact with people, customers and even partners whose products you are out to sell. An affiliate Marketer who does not have a website is liken to a hawker who goes about selling on the street caring
his inventories with him. He sells, makes money but with limited potential because those who buy big trust those who have shops, offices or warehouses.

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If you are an affiliate marketer and you don't have a website, then it is time for you to consider having one today because opening or creating a website is as simple as ABC, and I am going to help you and guide you in this direction and in just 30 minutes to two hour you can open your website absolutely free of any charge to you. Although it is good and professional to have a privately hosted and paid domain website, you can start out with free website giving you free sub-domain, free hosting and free platform to express your affiliate marketing business desires.

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Is it possible to create a free website or blog? I mean start a blog of your own, fully yours with absolute control by you and with no interference from any third party. The answer is yes, In this article, I am showing you a platform called blogger owned by google, on this platform (blogger), you can start today to create your own blog or website and have exclusive right to it as the owner of the intellectual property of the website you created through them. This platform is free for all. You can create multiple websites and blogs, you can monetize the website or blog through the sell of your affiliate products or pay per click advertisement. With blogger, as long as you keep under rule of plagiarism, you are fine and in control of your own website and can do anything as far as making money is concerned.

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