Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Success: How Youtube Can Make You Successful

Dear Reader, I welcome you to Triggers For Success, a place where I show people those things that can make them successful in life. In this write up, I want to show you how to make a success from the youtube phenomenon.

Youtube is a place where you get free videos to watch, there are free videos from every department of life. there are videos that educates, some are entertaining, some are motivational, some are scientific, some are aimed at developing the business acumen in people. Everyday millions of new videos are uploaded, and you will get helpful videos on any subject matter that you are looking for on youtube. In fact, youtube is said ti be the largest video website on planet earth and if you look closely at the way youtube operates, you will not wonder for long why youtube is the largest video company on earth.

Viewers love youtube because of the flexibility and availability of different kinds of video on all subject matters, and for the fact that most of these video are free. On the other hand, video makers love youtube because they get reward for their labour. Any video uploaded to youtube is potentially available every where in the world. A video can go viral in just a few months of uploading it to their platform, and millions of viewers around the world will be watching the video every day. I uploaded a video and got more than one thousand views in two days, it went viral and now has more than one hundred and twenty thousand views in less than three months, making me more than $200 during the period.

Video makers love youtube because of the fairness of their policies and the opportunity to promote their brand through the platform. Since youtube is owned by Google which is the largest search engine in the world, this gives it more power and popularity in search engine result. haven said that, how can you begin to make money through the platform that youtube provides?

There are many ways to make money and be successful with the platform. The first way is to upload your videos, have a good descriptive words on what the video is all about, put in tags that will help search engines to crawl the video to those looking for information which you have provided in the video. The more people get to know your video and the valuable information contained therein, the more exposure you give to your business and the more successful you become. In the video, you must put an actionable instruction for your viewers to do what you want them to do. Either to subscribe to your newsletter, visit your website, buy something you are selling, or attend a programme you are planning. Youtube has helped many businesses in this regard.

Another way to get money from this platform is to upload videos and monetize same through google adsense. In this way, advertisements will be inserted into your videos, when viewers watch these adverts, certain percentage of the cost will be paid to you as often as people watch adverts on your videos. This is a good way of making money, you produce your video one and for all, upload it to youtube, monetize it and begin to expect money every moth. The videos you upload must be your original work or a video you have copyright to use otherwise you will be penalized by them. I love the adsence method of making money from youtube because it is very easy to flow with my schedule. I dont need to maintain a list, I dont need to sell anything, just upload and keep uploading to get more money on monthly basis.

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